Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Windy City


I flew to Chicago this weekend to visit my long-standing boyfriend, Edouard Boulat. It was a jam-packed weekend, and unfortunately (or maybe its a good thing) I don't have pictures of all the activities. But I shall describe: 

Day 1 (Friday): I skipped work (not that my presence really makes a difference there), but I had to get up at 4:30 AM to catch my plane. Getting dressed that early can be rough... all you really want to do is sleepwalk to the car and curl into a little ball. However, we were all raised to be classier than that. You should be well-dressed and put together when you travel. My ancient grandmother would always have a stellar traveling skirt suit while traveling, and always had an alternate Pucci outfit to change into at a moments notice in her bag. Also, after many years of traveling with a team, I've gotten used to a certain standard to dress while traveling: dress code. Never fear! You can be comfortable and look at least composed while traveling... a girl's got to get her sleep on that 5AM plane or who knows what kind of monster is going to arrive at the terminal. I usually wear a loose fitting dress with a belt that can be adjusted (loosen the belt while sitting on plane) or a cute elastic skirt. This time, I wore some nice stretchy jeans with a warm, comfy, but still cute tee from Urban and my sweater material blazer. All very comfy and simple items, but together they make a solid outfit. I slept great on the plane... however I fell asleep at 8PM that night and woke up at 10PM the next day. New record. 

Day 2 (Saturday): Shopping in downtown Chicago! Ed and I headed to the Water Tower Mall, which is one of the largest and most awesome malls I've been to. The bottom floor is this really intense food area where you can get any kind of food you want. Trust me - its great. We were going to go to the beach after shopping, so I needed a pretty versatile outfit for the day. I put on a bold, bright strapless sundress and my thin brown belt for a really easy look. Dress is that urban renewal line from Urban Outfitters. Looking back on the things I wear, I now feel like a weird walking billboard for Urban. Hopefully no one can tell. It went great from downtown to the beach, although some of the wind that the city is known for tried to blow my dress up. Sometimes I wear little spandex shorts under my dress to avoid embarrassment and it makes it easier to bike around. 

My purchases!!

The bracelet I wore with it.

Ed!! (I like his suicidal gasoline pump shirt...)

and I love these shoes. Pretty cool colors.

Day 3 (Sunday): We went to Six Flags with Ed's little sister (aka the love of my life), Victoire. It was awesome, I got some not so sweet tanlines from the French Connection tank I was wearing. For places like theme parks and water parks - I just dress as simply as possible. Tank and jean shorts are all you need. Then we went to this grass roots/folk festival that is pretty famous in Chicago. The music and food was great - there was southern cooking, corndogs, chicago deep dish pizza, vegan cuisine, malt ice cream truck, indian food, funnel cake... the works. It was a really fun, interesting end to the weekend!!

Victoire and I at the festival. 

Ed and I after the waterpark.

The Boulats!!!

The crowd... quite a group.

Yey awesome French band. 

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