Friday, July 17, 2009

Business Casual

Me with my new phone! Very official.

Rachel and I were invited to a dinner event at Cornell the other night. However, this was the same night that I decided to get a new phone. After dealing with Frank from Verizon for over 2 hours, I had negative 10 minutes to get ready for the event. Seeing time was short, I put on a really simple, no fuss outfit. The navy pencil skirt is one of my nicer and classier items from Ralph Lauren (that 50% discount contributed a great deal to the purchase) and the top is a soft cotton tee with pretty, flowy sleeves. I thought they looked pretty elegant together. To dress it down a bit, I put on a big brown belt and my white Dolce Vita sandals. It isn't my usual colorful patterned outfit (I typically have at least one patterned article on), but the small details such as the belt and the flare sleeves give it a punch, while the conservative colors make it appropriate for a business event.

Heather's belt

I'm not sure where the belt is from... it's a hand-me-down from my older sister, Heather, who has probably influenced my personal style more than I know. I don't have any idea where she gets all her things - she used to live in the city. I'm pretty sure I've never seen anyone better dressed though. The belt is awesome with several brown leather "leaves" attached in the front. I think the leaves complemented the draped sleeves quite nicely. Of course, I only now notice a lot of these things - it can be so much easier to critique a picture rather than something in real life. Maybe if people had a picture of themselves to see before they went out, they would realize how they actually look to an outside person, see what looks great, and what could maybe be changed. I suppose people don't really care they much, but trust me... looking the part is half the battle.

The bag was one of my purchases in Chicago from French Connection. It was on sale for $20 and it fits much more than I thought it would. Go little bags that hold a lot!

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