Monday, July 6, 2009

Shirt or Dress?

I'm personally not a spandex as pants person. Perhaps it's because I'm forced to live in spandex as a runner in Ithaca, so I refuse to wear them when it is not necessary. In any case, I therefore have nothing to wear those weird tunic shirt things with. Sometimes I can pull it off as a dress, but then if I lean over too far it's slightly inappropriate. It looks really bulky and weird if I try to wear it as a shirt, so that's a no go.
It's been a pressing issue in my life that I am forced out of a whole category of clothes (tunics) simply because I'm not the biggest fan of spandex. Determined to find a use for it, I bought a cute striped tunic tank from Urban. That day, in the window of a store the other day I saw the answer. Layer it. I'm a huge fan of layering. It's how you weave ordinary clothes into an interesting look. The answer was so obvious. So, I took a really simple strapless dress and put my new tunic on over it, belted it, and voila! I also put on my "gladiator sandals" (as my boyfriend, Ed, calls them, even though they aren't - ah well, can't teach them everything). I got them at Lord and Taylor, the King of Shoes in my opinion (get it - Lord...King... funny pun). Got to love their sales. It's a really easy, comfy outfit, and a huge relief for me. I finally have a use for those strangely lengthed clothes!

And this is what I do at work all day, honestly:

We went for a walk/run/play around campus!! Yey!

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