Saturday, July 25, 2009

Classic Summer

You know those days where you get up and really don't feel like wearing anything special? You know... you wake up, and for some reason it reached a low of 110 and a high of 190 degrees during the night, your hair is plastered to your head from sweat and you know that whatever clothes you're about to put are going to do the same. Maybe that's just me, but its a classic summer experience in the life of Meghan Brown. Times like these, I just reach for that classic summer outfit that probably every teenage girl has been wearing all summer: a tank top and shorts. No belt, minimal jewelry, perhaps a bra. However, just because these clothes may seem average, the look doesn't need to be.

To give it a different look than the millions of other students in Ithaca during the summer, I put on my "extra stretchy = extra comfortable" high=waisted shorts and a red tank top from Target. The shorts are so old I can't remember where they're from and there is no longer a tag... maybe its from Lord and Taylor or somewhere in the city. My shoes are a pair of converses that have really fun multi-colored splotches on them. The different style of short and a punch of color in my sneakers and the scarf (which I only wore in my air-conditioned office) made the outfit spot on in my book. Its so easy to give some visual interest with an unexpected (aka less popular) cut, such as high-waited anything.

Later in the day, we stuck a tie that was lying around the office with the outfit instead of the scarf and that gave it a little bit of an edgier punk look. I'm not sure I'd personally wear this out for the day on a normal basis, but that's just a personal preference. I think it looks pretty cool, its just not quite my style. Make your clothes suit your style to say something about yourself, without having to even say a word.

Extremely busy on my last day of work!

Next stage of my summer: 3 week trip to France with my boyfriend and his family (they're all French). Stay tuned for regular updates on my trip and the fashionable French!

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