Sunday, June 28, 2009

All Grown Up?

Keep it mind: I make all this up as I go along. You have been warned. 

I find that it can be really useful to at least look more sophisticated and put together than you really are. Think interviews, meeting his parents for the first time, going out to a really fancy restaurant, and meeting utterly awesome people that always seem so composed and cool. My go-to method is to put on a blazer and a nice pair of shoes. It works with absolutely anything from a feminine dress to ripped jeans. It really adds a super-chic element to outfits and is really easy to pull off. 
Here, I have on a white pair of jeans (Rich and Skinny), a black tank from Free People ( I happen to be obsessed), a scarf from Target (hell yes I bought it for $8), and a really comfortable sweatshirt material blazer from ZARA with black wedges to top it off. 
May you walk in with suave and sophistication for that high-up interview (even though you're listening to Britney Spears on your ipod). And hey... let's be honest. Sometimes, when you go out at night it really helps to look a tad older (for various unnamed reasons). So enjoy! I must get back to Superbad. 

Friday, June 26, 2009

The One

Here it is. Outfit Number One at your fingertips. This is me, Meghan Brown (average, I know), at my full-time summer job at Cornell University. The pictures was taken on my co-worker's phone... we are very high tech here. Also, in case you now desperately need these average clothes: shirt is Free People, scarf is Urban Outfitters, (men's) belt is J. Crew, and I forget where the jeans are from. Oh, and the shoes are Dolce Vita from Lord and Taylor (great sale).

P.S. The inspiration for this blog was also partly Check it out... the average word of the day is "minus".

My Epiphany

For some time now (meaning the last few days) I've been thinking about starting a fashion blog. I love clothes and making awesome, unique outfits, so it just seemed right. However, when I was perusing other fashion blogs, I realized how great these people's clothes are and how stylish they can be. Then, as I was walking to the vending machine to get my normal snack in a moderately sized building, where I have a typical job, I came to a sudden realization. My life is average. 

But, hey. Most of us are average, right? So heres a blog for the typical, normal, average joe (or jane). I hope it inspires those of you who only have an average size income and therefore can only afford average-priced clothes. Because, and this may just be me, it is quite depressing looking at that perfect pair of Chanel heels when all I can afford are those flip-flops from Old Navy.