Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Inspiration of the Day

Big news: Urban Outfitters has finally arrived to Ithaca!! To celebrate, my roommate Emma and I promptly arrived at Urban at 11AM to sneak in some shopping before the holiday weekend. We both came away with some really awesome pieces. You really have to integrate the pieces you get there into your pre-existing wardrobe well, because if you wear all urban sometimes you risk looking too hipster or poser-ish.
Emma got this really cute Saint Tropez tee there and decided to wear it today. Normally, people put t-shirts with a cute pair of jean shorts and while there is worth in that, it's an average outfit. T-shirts aren't distinct enough to wear with some jeans and end up with a fun, unique outfit, no matter how awesome the print/pattern on it is. However, Emma put her cute tee with a really versatile skirt from Target (pronounced Tar-je) that matched perfectly with her top and then some brown boat shoes and a tan/white striped cardigan to mix up the colors a bit. I really like the two striped pieces together because both stripes are subtle enough that they complement each other rather than compete. Here's Emma in all her awesomeness - certainly my inspiration of the day:
Also, this is what I wore today. It's and old dress from the city (I love grey and yellow together) with a pair of my favorite summer boots that can scrunch up from Lord and Taylor, and my tiger jacket from Rugby Ralph Lauren (the place where I used to work: - look it up! Don't be alarmed by the preppy appearance of the website - the pieces separately can be really awesome, you just have to search.) I think the tiger jacket really makes the outfit, because you can't really beat a tiger :)

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  1. you are joking you go to france and all you go on about are the clothes not mon matre or that area